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 “What i do today is important because i am exchanging a day of my life for it”. Every year has 365 days in it,  and you can use them wisely, or you can waste them. Successful persons live each day knowing they will never have it again. They do what needs to be done, whether they like it or not they know what it is they want to accomplish and most importantly they taken action and do it. So many people make wishes, and that is all they do; wish.They never take action, they think and talk about it, start a few things but not finish any thing.

Do not waste your days by focusing on yesterday’s failures- it is only a failure if you stop trying, and if you learned nothing from it.

There is a saying, “Persistence prevails when all else fails”. Before you start each day. say the quote: ” What i do today is more important because i am exchanging a day of my life for it”.

A.N. Nataraj Gowda.

Assistant Director  Director’s Message,


   A warm welcome to the BALC( BHARATIYA ACADEMY OF LINGUISTICS AND COMMUNICATION) Computer & Communication training Institute, Bangalore, the first among the BALC!  BALC, Sunkadakatte Bangalore was set up by the Honorable “A.N. Nataraj Gowda.”  on November 14,  2000 .  Beginning as a small Computer training center at a time when professional Computer and Software education was virtually unknown in India .BALC has made great strides over the years in providing Software education of the highest quality and in developing tomorrow’s Software’s & Technical leaders.

Over the last decades BALC has emerged as one of the leading Computer Software training Center  in the Bangalore and KARNATAKA urban region with the vision to be an National center of excellence and the mission to develop innovative and ethical future leaders and to advance the theory and practice of Computer Software management.

The work of managers and organizational leaders is becoming increasing complex.  Today’s Software environment, characterized by far reaching and continuing developments in science and technology; increasing integration of the world’s Software technology; rapid introduction of new software and forced obsolescence of existing ones; and major social changes all over the nation is extremely complex.  Therefore those who aspire to become tomorrow’s Software leaders will need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes.

At BALC students become immersed in its culture of rigorous analysis and learn to search for facts and identify and question underlying assumptions and view a current updated software situation from multiple perspectives.  We teach students the theories and concepts to analyse how and why Software technology behave in the way they do; and how and why people and organizations behave in the manner they do and use multiple methods to impart the required knowledge and develop the skills and attitudes – lectures, cases, simulations, field surveys and team assignments.  Our programmes enable and encourage participants to challenge conventional wisdom and come up with innovative solutions to Software problems. I invite you to navigate through our website to learn more about the Institute and its activities.

A.N.Gowri Shankar

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